Emojis in the classroom?

I was unable to attend this presentation in Chicago at ISTE 2018 but the author of this blog generously shared his findings and presentation.

I am now sharing this article with you as well but also what I will try out in class. As an ESL teacher, I see lots of possibilities but also see possibilities for my other colleagues as well.

My favourites:


This game is played on a mobile device and asks students to quickly find the object that is named and place it in front of the camera. The artificial intelligence involved will determine if the article is the right one and if it is the case, show the matching emoji. The game is in English so it’s a great way to review vocabulary and have fun!


This site is not necessarily an emoji website but offers many possibilities in using them. It allows students to create a fake conversation that appears on fake mobile phone image. I see many possibilities with literature when students could be asked to imagine a text conversation. Students could also add to a story by adding a technology aspect to their writing. I will also check out how I can use this website as an exit ticket. I may ask students to imagine the conversation that would have followed what we have just done in class.


This website generates random emojis that can be used as writing prompts. It can generate up to 280 emojis at a time! A teacher could project this site or students could use it independently.


This website allows students to type a text and see it transformed with emojis. Students could then send that version to another student and see if the text is still understood!

To introduce emojis, I created this presentation that I am sharing with you. Please note that the text included is not mine and comes from the article mentioned in the introduction and that the source is also cited on the last slide of the presentation.


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