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As teachers, we all know that including technology in our lessons is important. After all, technology is something that students will need in the future. Students like using technology, parents want us to include it and teach it, our bosses encourage it…but let’s be real. Technology is not as accessible as we would like. Computer labs need updating, we don’t have enough devices for a group of 30 students, paid apps and programs are often refused by administrator due to budget cuts… Teachers everywhere are achieving miracles with what they have and finding ways to integrate technology in very creative ways.

Recap has allowed me to integrate technology easily and best of all, for free! Students use their own devices or borrow one. The app works across platforms and on various devices. There are no lost videos since everything is shared between me and my students. The app is simple to use and setting up classes is a breeze.

So far, I have assigned students questions to complete as homework. They use their mobile device or computer at home to complete my assigned questions. I keep looking for ways to use Recap even more, however. I plan on having group discussions recorded by having one device per team. With 8 teams, students could be assigned a series of questions to discuss and the discussions would then be recorded. This way, discussions could even be evaluated. Since participating in a group discussion is a competency that is developed and evaluated in my ESL program, this will allow me to evaluate all of my students through videos. Usually, I am only able to evaluate one or two groups during a class but now, I can simply assist students in the discussion and evaluate them quietly, later on.

Now, this is just a thought 😉 I will try it out and see if it works. Integrating technology means trying new things and not waiting for things to be perfect. I teach my students that mistakes are ok to make and trying new things as a teacher also means not being afraid of what may not work.

What will you try with Recap? Assign your first reflection question? Record a group discussion? Use questions to activate prior knowledge? To check for understanding? I see so many possibilities with this tool! I’m sure you will too!

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Voici un article que j’ai écrit paru sur le blogue de Recap 🙂

Here is an article I wrote on the Recap blog 🙂

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